The team recently organized a webinar named Robotics for a Hyper Future with the incredible support of our high school, Laude-Reut. The purpose of this event was to introduce younger students to the robotics industry and encourage them to get involved with related projects. I, Maria Isailă, hosted the webinar which was an entirely new experience for me. It featured three speaker guests.

The first speaker was Răzvan Bologa a computer science professor at BUES and manager at the NEXTLAB.TECH competition. He spoke about what the robotics industry looks like in Romania and the importance of acquainting students with less traditional uses for the field, such as pairing it with the arts or practicing outdoor robotics something that isn’t often done in our country.

 The second guest was Andrei Bobocea, project manager at Cyberllence Innovation SRL, he told us about what he does in his day-to-day work life and how anyone can get his start in robotics, using affordable equipment.

And last, but certainly not least, Mircea Nistor a physics teacher at the Traian Lalescu high school in Hunedoara and mentor of both RobotX and RavenTech spoke at length about the FTC competition including the founding ideas, common issues that arrive for teams and what truly differentiates this contest from others.

To end with, we hope this event has been an exciting introduction to this vast field and encouraged our younger colleagues to pursue an interest in robotics.