Have you ever wondered what children know about robotics? How would they react to a presentation held by their colleagues from high-school? Well, our team introduced a group of Laude-Reut young pupils into the concept of Robotics.

Our team held an event aimed at 5th and 6th graders, where we introduced many of our robots, namely Makeblock Ranger, Bioloid GP, robots used for mini sumo and the one we are participating in the FTC competition with. They were really interested in the process of creating and building these machines, as well as what they were capable of, therefore, we were excited to answer their questions and pleased by their curiosity and ability to understand difficult concepts quickly. In addition, we prepared a number of activities for our little colleagues: after some demonstrations, they also played with the robots stated before.

In the end, we wished to assure a chance for children to acknowledge every aspect of Robotics, in an effort to provide as many opportunities concerning future careers and passions as possible. This workshop represented a manner in which not only would pupils understand this field, but in which we forge intergenerational relationships through a common leisure activity.